Uncollected dog droppings: what do you risk?

Fines and even imprisonment for those who leave feces around or those who do not wash the animal’s pee. What the boss has to do to avoid penalties.

They say it brings good luck. Frankly, anyone would prefer another way to wish them a good day. Crushing the feces of a dog on the street has never made anyone jump for joy. If anything, you jump to avoid them. Unfortunately, it often happens that you have to avoid at the last moment the “souvenir” left by Fido on the pavement and not removed by his master. Yet, there is a law that explains clearly what is at risk for uncollected dog droppings. Do you know that you can end up in jail and still pay a rather high price?

Pooper Scooper

Wanting to be fussy, such a gesture can be considered a crime of soiling, for which in some cases it is foreseen the imprisonment or the sanction. The amount of the penalty varies according to where the act was committed. The concept is simple: those who decide to keep a dog take responsibility for the actions performed by the animal. As in the case of aggression or exaggerated disturbance of public peace, even when the dog “marks the territory” and the owner does not care the latter will have to pay the consequences. Even the Cassation intervened in the matter drawing up a vademecum on the correct behavior of the owner of the animals and establishing that if the dog is dirty, the owner is required to clean. His civic sense should, however, make him understand without disturbing the Supreme Court, the Criminal Code, the Ministry of Health and the individual Municipalities forced to issue ordinances on ordinances on this issue. But we know that when the civic sense was distributed, someone was temporarily absent.

Let’s see then what risks those who do not collect the poop of the dog and what is required to do the master when the animal can no longer hold it.

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