Let’s find out how and when to use dog diapers.

Let’s find out how and when to use dog diapers. Why does the dog need a diaper? This type of product may become necessary in a dog’s life for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these are: Luminary incontinence that affects the dog for various reasons, such as urinary tract infections, diabetes or bladder problems, can lead to the need for a diaper at least at home. Sometimes this type of problem can be solved with surgery or medication, but this is not always possible – especially as we age.
When a bitch gets into heat it can generate secretions that dirty the floor and furniture. During this time, diapers can solve the problem.
When a puppy finds it difficult to learn to do its needs outside the home, a possible option to prevent dirty furniture and floors from using dog diapers. However, this is a short-term solution, so its training should not be overlooked.
If your dog is paralyzed from the belt down he will not be able to control his sphincter and will need diapers for the rest of his life.

Dog diapers: instructions for use
Just like baby diapers, even dogs can be found in cloth or disposable. The former is more environmentally friendly but must be washed continuously and therefore require constant use of water.

At the time of use, the following suggestions should be taken into account: Change the diaper frequently to the animal. If the garment is dirty and remains in contact with the skin for a long time, the dog may suffer from rashes or even infections.
The degree of absorption of diapers is different depending on the model. Carefully choose the size and type of diaper most suitable for your pet, which is comfortable and does not involve the risk of leaks.
Use disposable wipes to clean your pet.
It is advisable to use gloves to change the diaper to avoid coming into contact with your urine or feces.
Dog diapers usually have a hole for the tail, but if the animal does not have it or has it too small, close it to avoid possible leaks.
Before resorting to dog diapers, take the dog to the vet for an accurate diagnosis.

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