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Absorbz Optimum Training Pads for Dogs, 100 ct. Large 24’x24′ Pads : The puppy pads are the fabric that is found at the end of the dog’s paw, which is constantly in contact with the ground and supports the entire weight of the animal during walking and running. It is very important to maintain the integrity of this area because it is the only barrier between the most sensitive tissues of the dog and the aggressive agents present in the soil. The causes of the most frequent injuries in this area, the treatment to be administered and the possible complications are illustrated below.

How to teach the dog where to pee

Love the soul and decided to adopt a puppy dog. One plays with him, caresses him, gives himself and receives much affection. But there are moments during the day that could put you in difficulty. They coincide with those moments when your pet has to make Bisogno. And, for him a new environment to which he has yet to get used, where he escapes him, he escapes: on the floor, on the carpet, on the table leg. Everywhere except where you would like. You want to explain it to him in words. So how to teach the dog where to pee? The problem is that it can do it even when you least expect it. Sometimes a strong emotion is enough for him, as for human beings without, however, possessing their capacity for self-control. The important thing, especially when you have just taken it with you, is that you have verified your state of health. That is, it does not have, that is, some disease that leads him to pee often and, consequently, everywhere. Another element not to be overlooked is that of knowing your dog’s habits well. Knowing, for example, how he behaves when he feels the need to free his bladder, what time he usually goes out for the usual walk, when he knows he has food and, therefore, more or less when he needs to “go to the bathroom”. There are tricks to teach the dog where to pee. Just to avoid dirt and smell at home. Or in the property of others, which could cause some trouble.

Absorbz Optimum Training Pads for Dogs, 100 ct. Large 24 x24  Pads

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The newspaper cannot replace walks

It is essential to point out that even if the dog has learned to make its own needs, in no case will it have to replace its steps as these animals need to take air and exercise. As soon as the dog can go out on the street (at the beginning it must stay at home for the vaccines), you must decide on a routine for your walks. Choosing an area of the house for your needs is only a temporary solution until the puppy learns to control his bladder. What we have said is essential for two reasons. The first is socialization, the process by which your dog learns to relate to humans, other dogs and the world at large. The second reason is that, without realizing it, we could lead the dog to think that he has to make his own needs only in the newspaper. Even if it seems strange to you, some dogs refuse to take care of the park. It is reasonable, they have internalized that they must do it on the sleeper or the newspaper sheets. If you are experiencing such a situation, you will need to teach your dog that the gardens are the right place to fulfil his needs. Take your dog for a walk half an hour after a meal or a little after drinking water when he has made his needs come away with a reward. So, little by little, your dog will understand that this is the right place. Now that you have learned how to teach the dog where to need, you have to be patient, and you will notice the first results.

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