The litter box for large and small dogs

When you think about bedding, the first solutions that come to mind include those for cats. Just take a quick tour of a pet shop to think again and notice that there are numerous dog litter trays. The litter box for dogs, objectively, is not among the products most promoted by the operators of the dog world and not even by me sincerely, but they are widespread both for large and small dogs.

Despite this, the customers who contact me ask me many questions about it. This is because, as we will see later, dog litter can become a useful solution to manage some particular situations.

If you want to know more about this, follow me in the next few lines. I have prepared a guide dedicated to the litter for dogs, the best way to use it, and, obviously, also to the circumstances in which it is good to avoid using them.

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When you think about bedding, the first solutions that come to mind include those for cats. Just take a quick tour of a pet shop to think again and notice that there are numerous dog litter trays. The litter for dogs, objectively, is not among the products most promoted by the operators of the dog world and not even by me sincerely, but they are widespread both for large and small dogs.

Despite this, the customers who contact me ask me many questions about it. This is because, as we will see later, dog litter can become a useful solution to manage some particular situations.

If you want to know more about this, follow me in the next few lines. I have prepared a guide dedicated to the litter for dogs, the best way to use it, and, obviously, also to the circumstances in which it is good to avoid using them.


The bedding for dogs is a solution for large dogs and small dogs, made of absorbent material, which allows you to manage the needs of his friend four legs in the home. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t usually recommend its use, but it can be useful in cases where you have very young puppies in your home who have to learn not to mess around or old dogs.

Sometimes it is mistaken by some 4 legs like a dog toilet.
Litter boxes are a valid help even when you have particularly busy working hours. Warning! This does not mean that you can avoid the walk, which is essential both for needs and for physical well-being and socialization.


The bedding for dogs can have different characteristics. In the next lines, I will talk about some of the most common types.


The litter box for dogs is a very suitable solution both for puppies and for older dogs. How exactly is it made? In a nutshell, it is an absorbent mat where the dog can do its homework without getting dirty. The litter in question is disposable. On the market, there are solutions of different sizes. It is, therefore, very easy to choose the alternative that best suits your needs and the situation of the dog.

The litter must be checked as soon as you return home. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to keep a space that is so important for your dog clean!


This option is more suitable for an adult dog that, due to the owner’s working rhythms, is carried out little during the day. However, I continue to recommend different alternatives to the litter if you have problems of this kind, such as relying on a good dog sitter or a kindergarten for dogs. As the name suggests, these litters are composed of a plastic box. How to choose it? Taking into account first of all the size of the dog. A very important tip is not to place it too close to the walls. This is especially true if you have a male dog that lifts its paw and, consequently, risks dirtying the wall. A useful tip is to place an absorbent mat under the litter, so as to facilitate cleaning in general.

As for the sand, it is advisable to place agglomerating sand in the litter box. The amount of sand must be calibrated based on the size of the dog. Finally, remember that if you have really chosen this alternative, it is essential to praise your dog every time he uses the litter so that he can get used to it when he is alone at home for several hours.


Litter for dogs, however, has a small house or a green space that he particularly cares about will thus be able to define the scope of the needs of his pet and not run into problems of dirt or disorder.

The litter box, which will become his toilet, can be placed in the home or the garden. To avoid odors, it is best to put it outside, such as outside on the balcony or in your own green space.

Litter for dogs to buy

dog litter and the like
Now let’s talk about a particular dog litter that is having a lot of success lately, it’s the dog litter (and similar brands. Below you can see all the features of this great product.

dog litter box

At this point in the reading, you will have understood that there is a litter for dogs and not only for cats, but what exactly is the type of litter?

We are talking about an innovative litter for the Fido Bisignani to be used comfortably in your home! You got it right, even if you don’t have a garden, and you can’t place the litter box for dogs outside, or if you can’t always bring the little dog to do the outside needs because you’re unable for various reasons, with the litter for dogs to you will have solved this problem.

If used correctly, it will not only keep Fido’s legs dry but also keep the house safe from its Bisignani. The grill is resistant, and your dog can climb on it and stay comfortably; in fact, it does not give him any discomfort and can be removed at any time.

Moreover, this litter is very easy to clean, you can do it by putting it underwater or using a sanitized cloth, all this once a day. If you think about it, this litter is an excellent substitute for the ideal absorbent hygiene mat, the so-called sleeper. In fact, this litter ensures that the environment is respected not being disposable but washable.

Obviously, for cleaning only use products that do not damage your dog’s health, for further advice, you can ask your trusted veterinarian; however, in the market, there are many products specifically designed for cleaning the places where the dog stays.

Dog litter: measures
Let’s see in what dimensions is available the dog litter and similar:

Single: 48.5 x 67.1 cm the thickness is: 2.5 cm. This size is suitable for dogs weighing up to 18 kg.
Double: 97 x 67.1 cm the thickness is: 2.5 cm. Thanks to the double connector, it is also possible to combine two single.

How to use the grid litter box?

Thanks to the removable grids that have a texture of squares small enough to support the dog comfortably and at the same time offer a system of filters for urine that is captured under the grids, you can ensure Fido’s feet are clean and dry. The grid cubes are small enough to allow the stools to stay on top to be easily removed.

What is the difference between and synthetic grass?
In the market, you can find different litter for dogs in synthetic grass, but these all have problems in common:

First of all, what is very important to emphasize is that synthetic grass is difficult to clean. If you do not have a place, such as a garden, where you can clean the synthetic grass with water properly.
There is also the fact that artificial grass can give off a bad smell after using it for some time.
Unfortunately, with synthetic grass, another problem arises due to the fact that it collects bacteria, this happens because there is no possibility to clean it well every day, given the conformation of the material.
With the artificial grass bedding, it is impossible to determine if your dog has pee if you do not lift the artificial grass layer first, which is, in fact, located at the top of the litter.

Should anything be added to the bottom of the litter box?
The answer to this question is no. It is not necessary to add either a sanitary absorbent pad for dogs or even old newspapers, on the bottom of the litter; in fact, just empty and clean the bottom every evening.

But if you, you can also use absorbent or other mats, in fact, there is no danger that these will be reached by Fido, who could tear them, because they are protected by the grid.

Why use instead of hygienic mats?

It is obvious that the classic absorbent hygiene mats for dogs are not environmentally friendly, using them we do not think about protecting the environment, this is because they take a long time to get rid of.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the classic absorbent mats do not protect your dog’s paws, which will inevitably get wet as they walk on the mat. Moreover, unfortunately, dogs very often like to play with the mats and tear them apart, they have fun, you a little less clean up everything (they might even ingest some parts of it).

Thanks to the grid litter, these problems can be easily solved. It is much better than the mats for the environment, and also Fido’s legs will always be dry because they will not come into direct contact with the urine, which in this way will not get dirty all over the house.

If you want to use the mats together with you can do it in peace, because in any case, the dog cannot reach it either to tear it or to dirty its pee legs.
It can be positioned where you prefer!

In fact, this litter has a further positive side; it can be placed anywhere in the home without it creating embarrassment or problems with furniture, thanks to its elegant style.

In order to get the best result, you have to place it on a flat surface, but be careful not to place it too close to the Fido food area or the bed area.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing to the interior of the home, it can also withstand outdoor use. You can use it in the garden or on the balcony.

Litter for dogs: cost

In conclusion, therefore, this is a litter for dogs that works, and given all its excellent characteristics, it is also convenient. Why? Simple, it is an economical and also eco-sustainable litter compared to other bedding, so it is not disposable because it only needs to be washed every night after it has been used by Fido.

With absorbent, hygienic mats, you would have a considerable weekly expense, just like with baby diapers.

If you are wondering how much a or similar costs, you can find it for sale online at a great price. You can also buy the litter for dogs with the offers on this page, in this way you will ensure an excellent product at a fair price.

Dog bearing injury: treatment and monitoring

The pads are the fabric that is found at the end of the dog’s paw, which is constantly in contact with the ground and supports the entire weight of the animal during walking and running. It is very important to maintain the integrity of this area because it is the only barrier between the most sensitive tissues of the dog and the aggressive agents present in the soil. The causes of the most frequent injuries in this area, the treatment to be administered and the possible complications are illustrated below.

Causes of bearing injuries

Dog wounds are quite common, and usually, depend on three main causes:

From trauma, when the dog cuts the bearing, trampling on splinters, glasses, sharp metal objects, and other sharp elements. In these cases, the wound usually crosses the membrane, bleeds and is often deep. It normally requires stitches.
From erosion. The canine pad can undergo erosion when the animal walks for a long time on hard soils that produce high friction, for example, on volcanic or coastal rocks. The pad can get to bleed, but rarely do you have deep wounds, although they usually look rather dirty.
From burn. It can be caused by heat (for example, walking on hot asphalt) or cold (walking on frozen ground or in snow).
Not too deep cracks may appear which do not bleed. In these cases it is necessary to prevent the damage from getting worse, preventing the dog from walking on land that can further affect the affected area (eg hot asphalt, snow, ice, ice water, gravel, building debris and other materials that may be corrosive). It is also advisable to apply Vaseline, especially if the animal continues to walk these lands, for example in sled or hunting dogs.
Bearing wound care in dogs
The wound on the bearing must always be carefully cleaned with plenty of water and soap first and then with saline, repeating the operation several times. It is very important to make sure that no particles remain inside the wound.

In the case of a deep wound, it is necessary to evaluate the application of stitches to facilitate proper healing. Sometimes an antibiotic cream may also be required.

In any case, it is necessary to cover the wound and protect the pad to allow healing. The healing will be slow, as the pad tissue is not easy to heal and is exposed to continuous rubbing and pressure. In addition to wrapping, it is recommended that the dog wear a protective boot or a sock and make sure it does not tear, using, if necessary, an Elizabethan collar.

Usually, conservative management is chosen, even in cases where the injury is very serious. The doctors of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Thessaloniki, in Greece, presented the clinical case (1) of a dog that had completely lost one of the bearings. They chose to leave the wound as a second option and to apply an oral antibiotic treatment, do regular washing and bandaging and limit physical exercise. After complete healing, the animal never showed signs of lameness.

Possible complications

Despite the foregoing, the constant control of these wounds is important and one should always consider the possibility of debridement and drainage in case of suspected infection, as well as the use of antibiotic treatments that may be more effective.

If left untreated, the wound to the plant or the dog’s pad can cause cellulitis and osteomyelitis which can become chronic. In the case of the evolution of osteomyelitis, in the long run, it can cause fractures to the phalanges and dislocations (2). In some cases, an amputation may be necessary.

Dog wounds are frequent, often benign and require only conservative treatment. However, they are also difficult to heal wounds, being in areas that are very sensitive to the animal. It is therefore of the utmost importance to pay them adequate attention to prevent them from becoming more serious pathologies.

Uncollected dog droppings: what do you risk?

Fines and even imprisonment for those who leave feces around or those who do not wash the animal’s pee. What the boss has to do to avoid penalties.

They say it brings good luck. Frankly, anyone would prefer another way to wish them a good day. Crushing the feces of a dog on the street has never made anyone jump for joy. If anything, you jump to avoid them. Unfortunately, it often happens that you have to avoid at the last moment the “souvenir” left by Fido on the pavement and not removed by his master. Yet, there is a law that explains clearly what is at risk for uncollected dog droppings. Do you know that you can end up in jail and still pay a rather high price?

Pooper Scooper

Wanting to be fussy, such a gesture can be considered a crime of soiling, for which in some cases it is foreseen the imprisonment or the sanction. The amount of the penalty varies according to where the act was committed. The concept is simple: those who decide to keep a dog take responsibility for the actions performed by the animal. As in the case of aggression or exaggerated disturbance of public peace, even when the dog “marks the territory” and the owner does not care the latter will have to pay the consequences. Even the Cassation intervened in the matter drawing up a vademecum on the correct behavior of the owner of the animals and establishing that if the dog is dirty, the owner is required to clean. His civic sense should, however, make him understand without disturbing the Supreme Court, the Criminal Code, the Ministry of Health and the individual Municipalities forced to issue ordinances on ordinances on this issue. But we know that when the civic sense was distributed, someone was temporarily absent.

Let’s see then what risks those who do not collect the poop of the dog and what is required to do the master when the animal can no longer hold it.

Let’s find out how and when to use dog diapers.

Let’s find out how and when to use dog diapers. Why does the dog need a diaper? This type of product may become necessary in a dog’s life for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these are: Luminary incontinence that affects the dog for various reasons, such as urinary tract infections, diabetes or bladder problems, can lead to the need for a diaper at least at home. Sometimes this type of problem can be solved with surgery or medication, but this is not always possible – especially as we age.
When a bitch gets into heat it can generate secretions that dirty the floor and furniture. During this time, diapers can solve the problem.
When a puppy finds it difficult to learn to do its needs outside the home, a possible option to prevent dirty furniture and floors from using dog diapers. However, this is a short-term solution, so its training should not be overlooked.
If your dog is paralyzed from the belt down he will not be able to control his sphincter and will need diapers for the rest of his life.

Dog diapers: instructions for use
Just like baby diapers, even dogs can be found in cloth or disposable. The former is more environmentally friendly but must be washed continuously and therefore require constant use of water.

At the time of use, the following suggestions should be taken into account: Change the diaper frequently to the animal. If the garment is dirty and remains in contact with the skin for a long time, the dog may suffer from rashes or even infections.
The degree of absorption of diapers is different depending on the model. Carefully choose the size and type of diaper most suitable for your pet, which is comfortable and does not involve the risk of leaks.
Use disposable wipes to clean your pet.
It is advisable to use gloves to change the diaper to avoid coming into contact with your urine or feces.
Dog diapers usually have a hole for the tail, but if the animal does not have it or has it too small, close it to avoid possible leaks.
Before resorting to dog diapers, take the dog to the vet for an accurate diagnosis.